Best Places To Visit In Jalgaon

Best Places To Visit In Jalgaon
Best Places To Visit In Jalgaon

Any place is good to visit if it is serene, beautiful and has the basic tourist destinations. Talking about Jalgaon, it is situated at the northern part of Deccan Plateau and caters two- third bananas of Maharashtra. Indeed, Jalgaon is known as the banana City. It has some of the most fascinating temples and the famous Omkareshwar temple. Each temple in Jalgaon is special and reflects its uniqueness. This are the 6 Best Places To Visit In Jalgaon

Patna Devi

The famous Patna Devi Temple in Jalgaon is a perfect place for newly wedded people. Not only Patna Devi is a perfect place for seeking blessings but is also the capital of the province. The nature lovers are going to receive the best glimpse over here. You would also get to enjoy the relics of the Yadav King era.

Waghur Dam

Another most important place in Jalgaon is the waghur dam that is situated towards the right hand side of waghur river. The beautiful canal is a true delight for the eyes. Spread across 64000 acres, this is an amazing picnic spot that deserves your time.

Mehrun park

Mehrun park is One of the oldest parks in Jalgaon that is situated at Shirsoli Road with a vibrant floral bed and lush green trees. There is hardly any other place in  Jalgaon that is so beautiful. The Gardens are well manicured and one can have a Gala time with friends and family here. If you want to avoid crowds, make sure that you specifically choose the weekends to get some peaceful time.

Mahatma Gandhi Garden

The Mahatma Gandhi Garden has an exotic collection flowers that spread Aroma as they bloom. The place gives a lot of happiness to the eyes as you will be able to see distinct species of flowers over here. Mahatma Gandhi Garden is indeed one of the best tourist places in Jalgaon that deserves everybody to visit. If you have an affinity for photography, this is the garden that you should not miss out. It will help you to create some wonderful pictures that can be kept as forever keepsakes.

Parola Fort

If you Love history, Parola Fort is the place that you must choose to pay a visit. It is one of the finest examples of history in Jalgaon. It showcases the golden period of the 16th century with its unique architectural finish. The amazing Delhi darwaza is a Stunner.

Hatnur Dam

Hatnur Dam is the place where one can breathe fresh. The aromatic airflow gives relaxation to the visitors. It is enjoyable to watch the water flowing from the 9.3 cubic metre capacity Dam. If you are looking forward to a good picnic spot in Jalgaon, Hatnur Dam is the one for you.

Final words

There are endless tourist spots in Jalgaon that always give a pleasant experience to the visitors. The place has extraordinary temples that give a lot of peace to the visitors. Plan out a family tour to Jalgaon someday and experience the distinct part of Maharashtra.

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