6 Places To Visit In Yavalmat

6 Places To Visit In Yavalmat
6 Places To Visit In Yavalmat

The North Eastern part of Maharashtra is covered by Yavalmat that was once a place of several dynasties. The beautiful tourist destination still has a wonderful amalgamation of caste, religion and colour. There is a spirit of harmony and happiness existing in the place all together. Once you are at this place for an excursion, there would be plenty of comforting places to grab your attention. Below are the 6 Places To Visit In Yavalmat.

How to reach Yavatmal?

One can easily reach Yavalmat by opting for National Highway 7 nearby Nagpur.  Board a public bus that facilitates commuting in between the cities of Maharashtra including Yavatmal.

Mahadev temple

Mahadev temple gets devotees from all over India and the temple is believed to be around 1100 years old divine spot. The amazing architecture of the temple was designed in 1915 and it still stands beautifully in the same place. The entrance itself is quite impressive as there is a large icon of shivalinga existing over there. There is a Nandi structure sitting in front of the gate where devotees often convey their prayers.

Chintamani Temple

Shri Chintamani temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is known to relieve the life of visitors from anxieties and worries. People have a sheer Belief in the blessings of Lord Ganesha and that is why a large number of devotees visit the temple on every Wednesday.


Flooded with a acute natural beauty, jamwadi is just 12 km away from the beautiful city of Yavalmat. It is quite close to borgaon with a message structure of Lord Shiva existing there. There are taxis, autos and buses available to explore the destination through and through.

Khojochi mosque

Muslim devotees must not complete the tourism atYavalmat without visiting the famous khojuchi Mosque. There are a large number of Allah devotees who offer prayers. One can easily reach the destination with the help of public transportation that include autos, buses and taxis.

Painganga sanctuary

One of the prominent sanctuaries of Maharashtra has cheetah, nilgiri, langoor, Panther, chital, beer monkey, hyna and many other species existing together. The forest department takes complete care of maintaining the natural habitat and looking after the existing species.

Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary

The popular tourist destination of Yavalmat has a large sorrounding area. The natural treasure of timber can be found in plenty at this place. species that are under the risk of extinction are given pure protection at tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary. You can find a maximum population of blue Bull, Bison tiger and antelope over here.

Things to do in Yavatmal

Explore the interesting number of beaches and wildlife sanctuaries in Yavalmat. There are endless monuments and temples existing in the city to keep you completely engrossed during your trip.

The wildlife reserve has something extraordinary about it. You will be able to find means of transportation to easily reach out to a lot of places. Discover the plenty of shopping centres and plan out your travel once again to this place.

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