8 Places To Visit In Gondia

8 Places To Visit In Gondia
8 Places To Visit In Gondia

 The place of gondia is located in Maharashtra and there are innumerable tourist destinations that can give you an ideal vacation Experience. Nature lovers would love to explore some of the most fantastic Wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and villages. The place is absolutely calm and flooded with a lot of exciting things to do and see. There are age-old temples, Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks form a famous tourist destination of Gondia. Below are the 8 Places To Visit In Gondia


A small village that was once the administrative headquarter of Kamtha Zamindar has a great historical significance. It has the age-old famous Shiv temple that was constructed by the famous Saint lehri baba. The linga pattern of the temple is accompanied with a statue of Nandi. People come in words to celebrate the Mahashivratri festival held every year.

Chulband dam

The dam has a total capacity of 21452 M3 and is ideal for experiencing nature’s retreat. you would love to hear the sound of water gushing from the dam.


Situated around 50 km from the district of salekasa, Hazra falls has a lot of natural green vegetation surrounding it. The place offers an excellent camping site and Delivers lot of spectacular views.

Itiadoh lake

Itiadoh Dam situated on the has an approximate height and length of 29.89 and 505m respectively . Constructed by the government of Maharashtra, the place is very important for hydro electricity and irrigation purposes.

Mandav Devi Temple

Surya Dev and Mandav Devi temples are situated at Goregaon Tehsil. The god of sun receives a lot of worshippers specifically during the Navratri season of The Year.

Kachargarh caves

Situated at kachargarh Tahsil, the Kachargarh caves hold a great archeological importance. They have a great significance for worshipping and are perfect for having a trekking tour.

Nagzira wildlife sanctuary

The government place is ideally meant for protecting certain endangered species of animals. limited outside activities allowed and the protected areas entertain zero human interferences. Lions and deers are specifically given a lot of protection in the wildlife sanctuary, Gondia.

Navegaon National Park

Spread around 135 square kilometres , the Navegaon National Park has plenty of landscaping views that can give you a good holiday experience. Government owned area is very well maintained and free from any industrial and human exploitation. There is no pollution but only natural beauty maintained all over.

The National Park is specifically dedicated to protect wild plants, natural habitats and plant species. It is not a place where the general public enters. Any activity that can give stress to the existing animals is completely banned.

Things to do in Gondia

Situated in the middle of lush green forest and beautiful hills, there are so many tourist activities that can be initiated in the place of Gondia. The beautiful Wildlife sanctuaries and reserves can be visited to capture the serene and picture perfect views.

Even the honeymooners who are looking forward to an ideal honeymoon destination can always choose to explore Gondia to plan out a worthwhile and economical journey.

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