Best Places To Visit In Adilabad – Northern Region Of Telangana

Best Places To Visit In Adilabad: Adilabad is not only a young but very famous place in the south. Make sure that you pay attention to the suggestions that we have brought for you on this page to make your tourism worthwhile.

Best Places To Visit In Adilabad

Best Places To Visit In Adilabad
Best Places To Visit In Adilabad

Reaching Adilabad is not at all an issue because there are several sources of transportation available. The whole place has meager prices that keep things affordable.

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The place is very thrilling and beautiful.
  •  It is located in the district of Adilabad and has the famous Tiger Reserve. 
  • There are abundant varieties of cheetahs who are well protected in this area.

Kuntala Waterfalls

  • Famous for the scenic beauty in Telangana, Kuntala Waterfalls are gorgeous and simply picture perfect.
  •  They have a height of 150 feet known as the highest waterfalls of the state.
  • According to various sources, Kuntala Waterfalls and named after Shakuntala, who fell in love with King Dushyant at first sight.
  •  She used to take baths in these waterfalls during those Times.

Pochera Waterfalls

  • Kuchera waterfall is the highlight of Telangana.
  •  Surprisingly, the bed of Kuchera consists of floor granite, which gives an emerald color to them. 
  • You would love to take a relaxing dip in the splashing water that offers a Majestic field altogether. 
  • The hypnotic Murmur is going to appease the tourist in the best possible way.

Shivaram wildlife sanctuary

  • Located on the banks of river Godavari, Shivaram wildlife sanctuary inhibits animals like Python, wild Boar, languor, Cheetah, and monkey. 
  • The Wildlife Sanctuary is also a place for terminals, time, and Kodansha.

Jagannath Temple

  • Almost 21 km away from Adilabad is the beautiful jainnath Temple. 
  • There are 20 slokas written on the Temple, and it was built under the Pallava dynasty.
  • Every year, the places visited by a large number of devotees seek blessings from The Almighty.

Basar Saraswati Temple

  • The Temple of goddess Saraswati, Basar Saraswati Temple situated on the banks of Godavari river. 
  • The lovely architecture of the place belongs to the Chalukya Dynasty.

Kadam Dam

  • Situated on the Kadam river, the Kadam Dam was constructed long back somewhere in between 1949.
  •  There is a lot of greenery that Surrounds the dam and the places easily accessible by the visitors.

Piranha wildlife sanctuary

  • Located in Adilabad, the piranha wildlife sanctuary has dense forest and river flowing through the area. 
  • The place is rich in cultural diversity and vegetation. 
  • It is also famous for langue, leopards Sloth bear and forest cat.

Things to do in Adilabad

Enjoy the landmarks of Adilabad and explore the Golkonda fort. With a small number of entry fees, you would be able to have a great time with your loved ones. 

There are a variety of hotels and resorts in Adilabad that will surely compel due to pack your bags on every vacation. The lakes and the waterfalls are breathtakingly pretty. They hold great significance and have the ability to give you a strong nostalgia.

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