Best Places To Visit In Anantapur – Indian State Of Andhra Pradesh

Best Places To Visit In Anantapur: Every area of something special about it and Anantapur is undoubtedly a destination that is rich in history. The culture and civilization of the city reflect the glorious past.

Best Places To Visit In Anantapur

Best Places To Visit In Anantapur
Best Places To Visit In Anantapur

Instead of trying to find expensive tourist destinations Abroad, please pay a visit to the beautiful Anantapur and enjoy the scenic beauty in India itself. Here are the top tourist attractions of Anantapur that can easily beat any holiday destination.


  • The place has more than 350 temples that are dedicated to Lord Hanuman the majority of the time.
  • The famous Penukonda Fort is situated around 70 km away from Anantpur.
  • Known for the architecture brilliance, the temples of the place are the favorite of the visitors who seek blessings from the heavenly power.
  • Another famous site is the Gagan Mahal Palace that for sure attracts Tourists every year.


  • If you want to shop for some beautiful silk and cotton sarees, Dharmavaram is a lovely place situated around 46 km away from Anantapur.
  • The ancient site contributes significantly to the weaving industry.
  • The architectural excellence of Dharmavaram covers up the famous temples like ramalingeswara Temple and Sri Lakshmi chennakeshava Swamy Temple.

Ravadurg Gooty Fort

  • Famous for its architectural excellence, Ravadurg Gooty Fort is built in Vijayanagar and conquered by Haider Ali.
  • The Fort has a beautiful panoramic view and is known for the historical happening.

Thimmamma MariManu

  • The Banyan tree is named as Thimmamma MariManu because of its several medicinal properties.
  • It is said that if a childless couple visits The Banyan Tree, the Lord blesses them with the boon to become parents.
  • Amongst The top tourist attractions in Anantapur, Thimmamma MariManu is one.


  • The ancient place of Ghemawat was created somewhere in the 10th century.
  • The Ghemawat is a historical place that majorly attracts tourists of Anantapur.
  • The area has Association with the Chola and Pallava dynasties as well.

Aluru Kona

  • The miniature village in Anantapur has a picture-perfect Temple that spells excellence.
  • The devotees and nature lovers are surely going to have a good time at Aluru Kona Temple that also gives some seamless blessings.

Raidurga fort

  • The right Durga Food plays a very dominant role in the city of Anantapur.
  • The jambukeshwara and Narasimha temples are very famous tourist destinations of the place.
  • The architecture brilliance of the area takes us back to the old Era where artisans existed.

Things to do in Anantapur

The place of Anantapur has historical forts and temples having magnificent ancient architecture. Anantapur also has some impregnable destinations that spell the cultural background of the area.

The area is a beautiful destination where you will have a good time spending your trip. The glorious place of Anantapur has the closest air and rail destinations. It has not only the areas mentioned above but also other tourist destinations that may not be famous.

Anantapur’s sprawling beauty includes some local eatery shops and shopping destinations that portray the handmade and local stuff.

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