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Best Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh: The land of dawn and mountains, Arunachal Pradesh, lies in the Eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. The beautiful Indian destination is an economical place if you do not want to spend on foreign trips.

Best Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

Best Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh
Best Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

 There are crystal clear Lakes, Picture Perfect destinations, and beautiful mountains to keep your tourism experience exquisite. Arunachal Pradesh is the place that will make them fall in love instantly for natural beauty lovers.

Arunachal Pradesh is the place for truly magical experiences. There are beautiful species Himalayan ranges and lovely valleys that seem to be made with God on hand. You can spend some time trekking and visiting The Hindu mythological temples. 

Also, for music lovers, there are plenty of music festivals taking place now and then in the city of zero.


  • Just a glimpse of the green meadow feels like a blessing on the face of the earth.
  •  Tawang is blessed with some of the naturally edified places that remain untouched with human exploration. 
  • The best Tawang is during May.


  • The attractive summer vacation place is located at the height of 8000 feet above sea level. 
  • You would love to visit Bomdila With your loved ones because it has beautiful sightseeing spots and the famous bodily monastery. 
  • You can always take a short tour of the place and enjoy spending your time at Sessa Orchid sanctuary and trekking routes.


  • For all the trekking lovers, zero is the destination in Arunachal Pradesh.
  •  The Talley Valley wildlife sanctuary, kardo Hills and Shiva Lingam are some of the most famous destinations of this place.
  •  The place has some of the most exotic animals, including snow leopard, an endangered animal.


  • The state capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, has the effort made out of exclusive bricks. From the socio-cultural point of view, Itanagar is a lovely tourist destination.
  •  It has the famous Jawaharlal Nehru museum and Buddha Vihar that consists of a yellow coloured roof. 
  • You can purchase some local stuff at this place and spend your time in the zoological park where there is a lot of peace and serenity.


  • Whether you have planned your tour with friends or family, roing is a perfect place that has a lot to be explored. 
  • It has the Nehru van Udyan and debating vibrantly beautiful river. 
  • Also, the orange orchids of doing are so tasty that you would like to carry them along.

Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh

Take a trek to Talle valley, a destination that truly takes care of the tribal culture. Visit the malinithan Hindu temple that is named after Goddess Parvati. The temple is a lovely pilgrimage place to seek blessings. 

The Sela pass is another fantastic place that deserves to be explored by every visitor. The largest monastery of India is nowhere else but in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang. The area preserves the tantric Buddhism in the best possible way.

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