Best Places To Visit In Bihar

Best Places To Visit In Bihar
Best Places To Visit In Bihar

Bihar has much to convey about it. There are many stories and tags that explain the place even better. The term Bihar has been derived from Bihar which means a monastery. The rich cultural heritage of the place includes the best temples and monuments that describe various religions. There are Empires and attractions that further makes the place very mesmerising. Bihar is definitely related with rich historic culture. It has several tourist attractions that we have clearly included in our list. This are the Best Places To Visit In Bihar

Nalanda University

Established in 5th century a.d., Nalanda University is a unique educational place that once had teachers like Buddha and hieun tsang . The red Rock construction somewhat resembles to Kushan architecture.

Bodhi tree

The epitome of Salvation and Nirvana, Bodhi tree is just hundred kilometres away from Patna. Lord Buddha received enlightenment right under Bodhi tree. The place eventually became a pilgrim Centre at global level. Near the bodhi tree, there is the great Mahabodhi Temple that has a beautiful architecture and richness.

Muchalunda lake & Navlakha Palace

The lake muchalinda protected Lord Buddha during Storm. Till now, the late it has a sculpture that depicts the story in an architectural form, Located near Madhubani in Bihar, Navlakha Palace is a beautiful structure that is enlisted amongst the major tourist attractions of Bihar.

Rajgir hot Springs

Yet another famous tourist destination in Bihar is Rajgir hot springs located at the foot of Vaibhav Hills. It is said that Rajgir hot springs have special medicinal properties as they maintain a temperature of 450 degree Celsius throughout the year. It is also believed that Lord Mahavira and Buddha bathed in the hot spring.

Buxar Fort

The great Fort of Buxar is located in Bihar along with Ganges river. It has some of the most amazing views that it includes the Gauri Shankar temple and Nath Baba temple.

Hieun tsang memorial

Built by the famous Chinese scholar, the construction talks about excellent architecture and stands tall as the place of guidance and yoga.

Jal Mandir Temple

The Jal Mandir temple is full of lotus and has a beautiful appearance. It is the place where Lord Mahavira was cremated . The 60 Feet long Bridge made out of stone connects the bank to the temple .

The Patna museum

The place of Patna itself has much to explore. If you can manage to reach it, do not forget to visit Patna Museum that was constructed long back in 1917. It has a 200 year old Fossil tree. The Museum remains closed on Monday. 

Things to do in Bihar

You can make your tour all the most memorable by visiting different places and enjoying the food culture of the place. Bihar has a history of culture behind it. The affluent City is also famous for Patna Sahib Gurudwara, Buddhist pilgrimage and classical centres. The Chinese and Buddhist temples of the place are very attractive . Further , the food culture of Bihar is also worth enjoying.

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