Best Places To Visit In Chandrapur

Best Places To Visit In Chandrapur
Best Places To Visit In Chandrapur

Best Places To Visit In Chandrapur: Maharashtra district got its name after Gond King Chandra who ruled it somewhere around the 13th century. With so many tourist attractions existing in the city, it was slightly difficult to bring out the best for your reference. Here we have compiled the list of most exotic tourist places in Chandrapur that you can explore anyway.

Tadoba Andhari National Park

The notable beautiful Tadoba National Park is amongst the top 47 projects for Tiger Reserve. It approximately lies at a distance of 150 km from the city and is widespread in a huge area. The national park remains open for external visitors from 15 October – 30 June every season except on Tuesdays. The beautiful vegetation of the area includes tropical dry deciduous type and has Teak spread all over. The dense forest area has several Tigers that can be enjoyably captured in camera lens during the Safari.

Shree Mahakali Temple

The historical Temple has the goddess lying in a sleeping position. Devotees come to the five hundred year old Temple that has quite good arrangements to stay. The temple gives a lot of nostalgia and has a lot to discover. The distinctive architecture of the temple invites crowds from different parts of India for a quick glimpse of the Goddess. It is quite nearby from the mahurali gate and one can easily board a public vehicle to it.

Ramala Talav

Ramala Talav is the perfect place to have a day out with your precious people. There is a lot of veg food available all over the place and the ice cream lovers can have plenty of options nearby. Ramala Talav is quite near to the Sardar Patel College and serves as an entertainment Centre for people of every age group. People who love photography can enjoy a good time in this location.

Muktai waterfall

An enjoyable tourist destination feels like heaven in the state of Maharashtra. Surrounded by lush greenery, you can visit muktai waterfall at any season you want. people specifically explore the place during the rainy season when there is more natural beauty in the area. The everlasting excellence of the place is definitely going to become a reason for you to come here more than once.

Junona lake

Named after Junona village, the pristine lake approximately 8 km away from the main city of Chandrapur. There are a variety of flora and fauna to attract the violet Tourist. The freshwater lake has several migratory birds visiting it all throughout the year. There are also leopards and tigers that can be spotted in the area to be captured in the camera lens instantly. The dense chichpalli forest is also a nice place for adventurous activities.

Bhamragarh wildlife sanctuary

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary is flooded with wildlife animals like deer, peacock, blue sloth, wild Boar and the squirrels. It is a perfect destination that has deciduous mixed forests in it. Ballarpur is the nearest railway station and one can easily board buses to reach the place.

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