Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh – Northern Indian State

Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh: If you love to throw snowballs and glide over the snow-capped ranges, Himachal Pradesh can give you a seamless experience in that case known as the land of snows.

Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh
Best Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has a lot of Majestic mountains to catch your attention. Further, there is an unimaginable beauty that makes it the home of several hill stations. Here are a few astounding tourist places that Himachal Pradesh has.


  • Art Temples of Chamba are magnificent and spectacular. 
  • Located in the Ravi river banks, Chamba is an excellent holiday Retreat and a pilgrimage destination.
  •  It also has great historical importance. Chamba is famous for Lakshmi Narayan temple, Bhuri Singh Museum, Akhand Chandi Palace, and Champavati Temple.


  • Kullu is the one-stop destination for honeymooners.
  •  The place has a beautiful beast river, which forms the major tourist attraction of the area. 
  • Kullu Valley is yet another attractive place which is known as the valley of Gods.
  •  Famous for maniKaran, jail Mahadev temple, Parvati Valley, and Mahadev temple, Kullu is more than just a romantic place. 
  • It is also known as tourist destinations for sports activities.


  • Most of the people plan out tourism to Kullu and Manali together. 
  • Manali is an excellent treat to the visual senses with some of the Most enchanting scenic beauty. 
  • The place of Manali is sure to bring out the adventurer inside you.
  •  It is famous for Solang Valley, Colaba, Manu Temple, Rohtang Pass, and Hadimba Devi Temple.


  • It won’t be wrong to say that Himachal Pradesh is a state dedicated to honeymooners. 
  • Shimla is yet another place where love birds go and spend their locations. 
  • Apart from having major tourist attractions, Shimla is also famous for British architecture. 
  • It is a magnificent hill station with abundant greenery around.


  • Dharamshala became famous after people started posting about it on social media.
  • Earlier, Shimla and Kullu Manali was the only destination chosen by the tourists.
  •  Recently, Dharamshala’s beauty has come into highlight with the Tibetan culture and some of the most beautiful monasteries over there. 
  • The famous places of Dharamshala include Kareri Lake, Kangra Fort, Naddi village, and Kangra museum.


  • Kangra is famous for Nurpur, Andra har pass, kareri lake, and twain hot spring. 
  • The lovely place is known for its historic temples and proximity to Dharamshala.

Things to do in Himachal Pradesh

Travelling to Himachal Pradesh comes with so much excitement and things to do. Once you book a tourist place, make sure that you always have a keen look at the Tibetan culture followed at this place. 

The annual Tibetan festivals are the epitome of talent. Further, Naggar is famous for its scenic beauty and exotic appearance. If you love trekking, go through the Great Himalayan National Park and enjoy the stunning views. Fly like a bird at Bir Billing that costs around 2500 – 3500 INR. 

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