Best Places To Visit In Hingoli

Best Places To Visit In Hingoli
Best Places To Visit In Hingoli

Right before we begin our the best places to visit in Hingoli, we would like to tell you that the place is all covered with mountain ranges of Satpura. It was initially under the control of Nizam and military forces. There  were fierce battles fought  between Tipu Sultan and Maratha king in 1803.

Want to get a glimpse of some adorable sightseeing places in Hingoli? We have a complete list that will let you know which places to visit and how to enjoy them thoroughly. Despite being a small place in Maharashtra, Hingoli has a lot to offer to the visitors each day. 

It has so many tourist spots that one can explore in the small town. Even if you have a limited time, there would be a lot of fun exploring the neighbouring villages and places. Besides some age old temples, Hingoli is also famous for Hazur Sahib, Lonar meteor and Omkareshwar temple.

The places is also known for aundha Nagnath temple that is the eighth Jyotirling of Lord Shiva. Other than that , there is MaliNath Digambar temple which is the ancient Jain temple situated in the City.

Sant Namdev Sansthan

Saint Namdev was born in a small village in Hingoli. The place specifically get visitors from Punjab and has some important memories of the Saint. There is also a big fair organised every year and devotees visit it for shopping and religious purpose.

Aundha nagnath

Maharashtra has around five Jyotirling out of the total twelve that exist. The place is known to be the eighth Jyotirling temple of Lord Shiva that has a history of its own. It was constructed by the king named Dharmaraj. Till date , the Temple stands tall and has an area of 60000 square feet along with some beautiful carving over it. Devotees from different parts of India visit the temple during Shivaratri.

Mallinath Digamber Jain

The Ancient Temple of jains is around 300 years old and has a big statue of Lord mallinath. The history of the temple includes Bhadrak Shri Parmanand who is known to have a dream to build this Temple at Sharad Shahpur village. Every year thousands of Jain devotees visit the mallinath Digamber temple in Hingoli to receive blessings.

Tulaja Devi Sansthan

The Ancient Temple is not less than hundred years old and was built by Swami keshavraj. The temple was established in 1967 and till date it provides services to the needy and poor. The funds raised by the temple are through health camps and scholarships.

 Best things to do in Hingoli

The city of historical prominence has no shortage of monuments that would be lovingly explored by the visitors. There are tourist spots and even waterfalls making the place become all the more popular. You can visit the place somewhere between the month of October to March when the climate is pleasant. The Nanded Airport is in the proximity to the town.

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