Best Places To Visit In Indore – Known For The 7-Story

Best Places To Visit In Indore: Indore is one of the largest and the most famous cities in Madhya Pradesh because of countless tourist destinations.

Best Places To Visit In Indore

Best Places To Visit In Indore
Best Places To Visit In Indore

With unique architecture and Hospitality, the place is home to cultural excellence as well. Indore being an excellent tourist destination, has the following locations that will impress you at the next level.

Patalpani waterfall

  • Patalpani is a famous tourist destination that is naturally beautiful and unforgettable.
  • The views of the Patalpani waterfall are breathtaking, and for the photography lovers, this place is undoubtedly going to give them a good time. 
  • It would help if you remained very careful during the rainy season because the water level increases unpredictably.

The Central Museum

  • The extensive collection of the Central Museum in Indore is very stunning.
  • It has several Ganpati statues and a dedicated gallery that reflects the Prehistoric age.
  • The Museum has no shortage of artifacts and articles to attract visitors.

Lal Bagh Palace

  • Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Indore, the Lal Bagh Palace is a blend of Indian and European style. 
  • The Gates has an impressive design, and the interiors have creativity in every inch.
  • A rich collection of sculptures, paintings, and artifacts is meant for visitors to analyze.

Ralamandal wildlife sanctuary

  • The picture-perfect setting of the ralamandal wildlife sanctuary includes creatures like black dog Leopard, chamber, and the barking deer. 
  • The beautiful trees of teak, Babul, and eucalyptus also attract visitors.

Pipliyapala regional Park

  • The nature lovers are going to have a good time in Pipliya regional park that reflects the biodiversity Gardens having several fountains clubbed together.
  • There are professional activities taking place in the park that never fail to entertain the visitors.
  •  You can enjoy boating and spending some quality time with your travel mates over here.

The Rajwada Palace

  • Despite being a two Century-old palace, The Rajwada Palace still stands tall and robust. 
  • The entire Palace is a fusion of French, Maratha and Mughal style architecture. 
  • There are a total of seven stories in the whole Palace. 
  • The lower three floors are made out of wood and have burnt more than twice.
  • The Palace was rebuilt again in 1984 as a result of it.

Tincha Falls

  • You have found out that Indore has some of the loveliest tourist destinations that can be affordably visited.
  • Tincha falls again, a breathtakingly beautiful place, which is just perfect to be enjoyed during the nonce rainy season. 
  • The excellent views of the waterfall are so mesmerizing that you will feel like spending hours over here.

Things to do in Indore

Madhya Pradesh gets one of the highest rainfalls in India because of its natural beauty. The place exclusively has a lot of fantastic tourist destinations that are naturally attractive. Do not forget to visit the Indore white Church built-in 1858 to seek some blessing from heavenly power. Also, visit gomatgiri, a pilgrim Centre that is visited by the followers.

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