Best Places To Visit In Jharkhand – Known For its WaterFalls

Best Places To Visit In Jharkhand: Magadha Empire had Jharkhand as it’s part during the earlier times. The place uses the ancient Odisha language and has local tribes that resemble the population of Harappa.

Best Places To Visit In Jharkhand

Best Places To Visit In Jharkhand
Best Places To Visit In Jharkhand

 The land of forests, Jharkhand has a lot of natural beauty, bamboo and green grasses to attract tourists for having some peaceful time here.

Every destination in Jharkhand is flooded with beautiful tourist destinations to be explored. For example, the Sun temple in Ranchi is a wonder on its own. Located in Tata road, it is an epitome of Creative architecture.

Another place to visit in Jharkhand includes the Maruti temple that views the annual sacrifice of hundred goats on every Kali puja. It is also one of the oldest temples of Jharkhand.


  • Known as the house of God, Deoghar is a famous tourist spot in Jharkhand, also known as the Baidyanath Temple. 
  • The temple is mostly visited in the Shravan month of the Hindu calendar when millions of Hindu take a dip in the holy water. 
  • The cultural capital of Jharkhand, Deoghar, is going to impress the elderly.


  • Jamshedpur has aesthetically beautiful landscapes and structures.
  •  It also has the world’s largest steel manufacturing company, which gives it much Fame.
  • With more than 20 tourist attractions, Jamshedpur is a place that makes the visitors feel nostalgic for it.


  • Famous Handicrafts, Ranchi is one of the most popular cities of Jharkhand because of its cityscapes. 
  • The beautiful destination is all covered with bamboo and greenery. 
  • Enjoy the exceptional street food in Ranchi that includes golgappa and local Kulfi stalls.


  • If you can manage to visit Ranchi and Kolkata, Ghatshila is a place with magical natural beauty.
  • It has mystical waterfalls and old historical temples that are sure to stun you with their spellbound beauty.
  • The phuldungri Hills, Burundi lake, Dhaulagiri Falls and narwa Falls are a few tourist attractions. 
  • Spend your time at Rankini Temple that is dedicated to Goddess Kali.
  • The temple is very popular and is just 12 kilometers away from Ghatshila. 
  • The Ramkrishna math is yet another attractive tourist spot that upholds the writing of Swami Vivekananda. 
  • The place takes care of underprivileged children and is also an excellent house for devotees.


  • Hazaribagh is dedicated explicitly to wildlife tourism.
  • The abundant greenery and Hills of this place contribute to the lovely weather. 
  • The term Hazaribagh means the location of a thousand Gardens. 
  • Initially, it doesn’t have that many Gardens but houses several temples, Wildlife sanctuaries, and delightful waterfalls. 
  • It is famous for isko village, Rajrappa Temple, Konar Dam, Surya Kund, and cannery hill.

Things to do in Jharkhand

Palamu fort located at Daltonganj is a place of beauty and significance. It is a historical landmark at Jharkhand. Further, the Maa chhinmastika temple is a top-rated tourist destination because the area has a different style of architecture. The headless design of the goddess chinmastika is famous for its Tantrik style architecture.

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