Best Places To Visit In Latur

Best Places To Visit In Latur
Best Places To Visit In Latur

Not very famous but definitely one of the best places of Maharashtra is Latur. It reminds us of the old forgotten Era to the explicit sports and beautiful Park. There are Gardens that are truly going to leave you stunned. The tropical place has a comfortable climate and the winters are comparatively colder. you must make out plans to Best Places To Visit In Latur Latur at least once.

Kharosa caves

The renowned tourist destination of Latur is a cluster of 12 hills located together. The beautiful paintings of Lord Buddha are so mesmerizing and tell the skills of earlier artisans. You need to travel at least 45 km away from Latur to get a sneak peek of the era. The present weather will keep you comfortable throughout the trip and the beauty is definitely going to give you nostalgia.

Nana nani Park

The lovely park is a great place to spend quality time with elders and children in your family. You can relax in the open spacious area that has so many swings and relaxing things all across. There is no entry fee and the place is open all throughout the year for a visit.

Ausa fort

The remnants of the period in the ausa fort are magnanimous. They remind us about the period when it was all captured by Malik Ambar. There is high ground on all the sides and a mosque nearby to visit. There is no entry fee and you must plan out your visit specifically during the winters.

Wadwal Nagnath bet

The popular Hill destination is situated approximately 40 km from Latur and has a picture perfect view. The place is famous for its present climate and plants having Ayurvedic properties. Plan your visit to wadhwal nagnath during the month of October and enjoy the beauty through and through.

Haathibet Devrajan

The magnificent old temple in the city of Latur is situated 16 km away from Udgir city. The stunning cultures help you to look into the beauty e of the place. The lush green Hill has a lot of plantations all across. It is certainly one of the finest tourist destinations you must visit in Latur.

Ganj Golai

 Dedicated to Goddess Jagdamba, Ganj golai is more than a hundred year old temple constructed in the main city. There are plenty of ways to reach the place that has a spectacular view. It feels quite Calming to spend time in the temple premises.

Surat ShaWali Dargah

Constructed back in 1939 Surat Shah Wali Dargah is open for both Muslim and Hindu visitors. Chintamani Parshwanath Digambar Jain temple is also at a close proximity to the Dargah which symbolises Hindu Muslim Unity in one way. You must offer a green and Saffron flag along with flowers in the Dargah. The best time to visit it is during June – July.

Ashtavinayak Temple

One of the best places to visit in Latur is Ashtavinayak Temple with a South Indian influence. The elegant and attractive structure of Lord Shiva pleases the eyes of the Hindu deities.

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