Best Places To Visit In Mizoram – Aizawl as its Capital City

Best Places To Visit In Mizoram: People who love to explore the other half of the Indian subcontinent can visit Mizoram. The entirely different place is marked with some breathtaking Valleys, beautiful lakes, and spellbound rivers.

Best Places To Visit In Mizoram

Best Places To Visit In Mizoram
Best Places To Visit In Mizoram

If you have never spent your holidays in the lap of nature, Mizoram is choosing this season. The North-East Indian state has champaign, lungless, Aizawl, and several other interesting places to visit. Let’s know about them precisely.


  • Located at an altitude of 1132 meters above the sea level, the beautiful place attracts explicitly people who love Sports. 
  • The most exciting places to visit include the Mizoram state museum, paikhai, and hills.


  • The largest city in the state of Mizoram has a spectacular view.
  •  Champai, The fruit bowl of Mizoram, is flooded with ancient monuments and lands that reflect the rich past. 
  • You can visit the local hills, lakes, phawngpui peak, and mullen national Park.


  • The second-largest city in Mizoram is located at a higher altitude and is ideal for spectacular views.
  • It has lush green landscapes, Majestic Hills and a lot of tourist places to offer.
  •  You can easily reach the area with the natural means of transportation available.
  •  Saza Wildlife sanctuary, Serkan, and their slang are a few places included in the best tourist destinations of lungless.


  • For all those who love to explore the wildlife sanctuaries, this is the place you will fall in love forever. 
  • You can view the Malabar pied Hornbill, Serpent Eagle, beautiful peacocks, and macaw. All the creatures spotted at the moment are exclusive. 
  • You can also have a glimpse of the species like rhesus Macaque and leaf monkey.


  • What your eyes love to see is the thing that gives tremendous pleasure. 
  • If you like to watch crystal clear waters and the lush Green Hills, kolasib is the place for you.
  •  The picture-perfect place is amongst the top Mizoram tourist destinations of all time.


  • If you want to explore the village life of Mizoram, Reiek is the place for it. 
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunset and feel the insight of the culture. 
  • Reiek doesn’t give the feel of typical city life, but it is a place that keeps you away from the Hustle and bustle so that you can feel the real meaning of human life.
  • The rejuvenation point of Mizoram is a must-visit for all.

Things to do in Mizoram

Mizoram’s place is a perfect destination for sports lovers and the ones who love to explore the natural beauty to its core. You can visit several small millstones, enjoy spending time in the mountains and look at the place’s picture-perfect sites.

The beautiful art and culture of Mizoram include various dance forms, attires, and several dishes. Mizoram is a Perfect place for every person who wants to plan out an offbeat vacation.

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