Best Places To Visit In Nagaland – Bordering Myanmar

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland: Nagaland is famous for its colorful festivals, distinct attires, exquisite food, and mystifying Hills.

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

Best Places To Visit In Nagaland
Best Places To Visit In Nagaland

Nagaland gives a true retreat during the trip. For the most exciting experiences, Nagaland is the place. Nagaland attracts people from all over the world every year because it has everything to make you pack your bag and willingly visit the site repeatedly. Here are some well-known tourist destinations of Nagaland.


  • Starting the article with the capital of Nagaland, Kohima is a place where there is a lot of naturally maintained beauty.
  •  The location is surrounded by breathtaking forests that are perfect for spending your time.
  • You can also indulge in hiking, trekking, and other sports activities. 
  • The Kohima state Museum and Naga Heritage Village are the most attractive tourist destinations of the place.


  • After one enters Nagaland, Dimapur should be your whole sole target to visit. 
  • Nagaland has delightful tourist places, and Dimapur is one of them. 
  • There is so much that Dimapur has to offer the tourist. 
  • The marvelous Heritage culture and the shopping centers of the place are so much impressive.


  • Make your tourism at Nagaland a lively one by visiting the Mokokchung tourist destination with mesmerizing Hills and spellbound beauty. 
  • the place is undoubtedly going to give you a new story to tell. 
  • Soak your senses in the natural beauty of, and do not forget to visit the Mokokchung village and Hungama village.


  • At an altitude of 879m, a Mon is a mystifying place of Nagaland that is famous for its tribal heritage.
  •  The Veda, remote village, and Chui are some places that you should not visit else, and you will fall in love with them instantly.


  • The Hills of wokha are green in color and have multi-colored flowers grown over them.
  •  Further, The juicy and fresh fruits would simultaneously tickle your taste buds.
  •  In other words, the flowers are going to give your olfactory nerves an excellent treat, whereas the juicy fresh fruits are great to be relished by the visitors. 
  • Enjoy spending some time at Ootsuka cliff, Mount type, and doing river.

Khonoma green village

  • Khonoma village is the outcome of sustainable living.
  •  The beauty of the town inspires visitors to learn how to preserve mother earth and nature. 
  • There is plenty of handmade stuff Available.
  •  Each of them is made out of natural materials and agricultural activities.


  • Unexplored village has nature and animals.
  •  It is the home to the local tribes of Nagaland, which helps preserve the beauty of the place at its best.
  •  The bureau’s simple village life helps it get a lot of rain and showers from the lord above. 
  • The home truly reflects the naga culture.

Things to do in Nagaland

It would be awesome if you can spend your vacations in Nagaland while exploring the natural culture, night market, and Mountain Hills. Enjoy the exclusive naga delicacies and live in the tribal huts. Spend Some days in Nagaland to create some unforgettable moments.

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