Best Places To Visit In Nanded

Best Places To Visit In Nanded
Best Places To Visit In Nanded

Best Places To Visit In Nanded: The natural beauty of Nanded has age-old temples that will give you a reason to come back to this particular city of Maharashtra. The Gurudwara Hazur Sahib situated on the banks of Godavari talks about Guru Gobind Singh who died at this place. The sahastrakund fault on the other hand is so mesmerizing that you would feel like in join maximum hours there.

The promising commercial sector is also known for agricultural activities. river Godavari and the nearby tourist spots are amazing to enjoy. The Kaleshwar temple is dedicated to Lord shiva and yet another place that you must not miss out on while exploring Nanded. There are so many tourist destinations that thoroughly attract tourists towards them.

Kandhar falls

The waterfalls flow from Chandoli dam and are surrounded by lush green dense forest that give it a very unique look. Kandhar waterfalls are located in Sangli district and have a noticeable U – shape. The nearby places to kandhar Dam include dargah of Miraj, Ramling TempleĀ  and battisShirala

Sahastrkund fall

Sahastrakund fall are situated at a distance of 4.5 km from Islampur and are very appealing in looks. The water force is very high and there is a watch tower that lets you have a glimpse of all the breathtaking views. The months of August – October are ideal to catch hold of the place.

Siddheshwar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Siddheshwar, the temple believes in the avatar of Vishnu. There is a beautiful sanctum referred by the devotees to offer prayers. A total of 68 Shivling are installed in the temple premises and the Silver plated Nandi is quite adorable to look at.

Huzur Sahib

Hazur Sahib Gurudwara is one of the best places in Nanded that celebrate the Sikh religion. Enjoy the tastu langar and pray in the calm premises of Gurudwara adorned with gold all over. There is a Sangat Sahib and nanakpuri situated near by the Gurudwara as a part of local tourism.

Deewan Hall museum

The Museum reserves the history of Sikhs and is a perfect place for pilgrimage. The Museum the five Takht of Sikh religion. There is an art gallery that is well preserves and showcases all the important items for a glimpse.

Kaleshwar Mandir

Kaleshwar Mandir in Vishnupuri is just 5 km away from the central city of Nanded. It is a 400 years old temple which attracts locals and people who pray to Lord Shiva from all over the world.

Isapur da

The dam holds importance in terms of tidal electricity and water reservoir. 57m low deep Foundation helps it to give a gross storage.

Things to do in Nanded

The place is not only famous for ancient Forts and temples but also holds a prominent importance in terms of street food. The sausage-shaped boats will give you a nostalgic trip. Nanded is rich in natural resources and has a lot of arrangements for accommodation.

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