Best places to visit in Palghar

Best Places To Visit In Palghar
Best Places To Visit In Palghar

As people like to discover more and more tourist places in India, Palghar received it’s due attention in recent times. located approximately 87 km from Maharashtra, Palghar is well connected to temples and beaches. The chikoo festival is what makes the Best Places To Visit In Palghar very famous and enjoyable. The festival is named after a fruit and it is highly engaging to participate in it.  Ram temple

The ancient Ram temple narrates the story of Lakshman and Rama in quite detail. The renovation of the Temple took place in 1994. The prominent place for Hindus, Ram temple has been famous ever since Lord Hanuman rescued Lakshmana and Rama after they got captured by ahiravan and mahiravana. At the end of the day devotees offer special worship to the Lord. Saturdays and Thursdays are specifically reserved for long hours of prayers and Puja.

Kelva beach

Kelva beach stretches around 8 km and is believed to be one of the most Pristine beaches of India. The natural beauty remains untouched and people have gradually started knowing about this place. The sunshine and sunset is adorable to watch at this place. You can hear the rhythm of waves and leaves that give a Perfect Kick start to a new day.


The Peaceful town is free from any unwanted Hustle and bustle. There are beautiful Resorts where you can stay to get rid of your tiredness. The beautiful water park and farms have so much to tell. You can shop for the local earthenware products that are available in plenty at this place.

Shirgaon Fort

The Fort of chirgaon is extremely beautiful and is named after Shivaji – Maratha ruler. It is one of the most prominent historic Forts of the city and has a lot of story hidden behind it. The tourists can now discover the remains as evidence of the past. There are green Palm trees surrounding the Fort that are indeed quite soothing for nature lovers.

Kapad Bazar

The local stuff of Palghar can be found at kapad Bazar which is also a nice place to hangout with friends and shopping lovers. The place sells local souvenirs and has everything to please the tourists who have come to explore Palghar.

Things to do in Palghar

Any time of the year is suitable to visit the place as temperature generally remains pleasant at the day time as well as during evening. You can get indulged in mind blowing outdoor activities and explore a multitude of travel destinations in just a short time period. Palghar remains a prominent place where you can spend your summer and winter time. It is famous for hot air ballooning, trekking, rappelling and ziplining activities. There are several state buses as well as local trains that help you to reach the place very easily.

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