Best Places To Visit In Tripura – Bordered 3 sides by Bangladesh

Best Places To Visit In Tripura: If you are planning to discover the eastern part of India, starting your trip from Tripura is never wrong. You don’t have to limit yourself to just Sikkim Gangtok and Meghalaya when exploring the vivid Indian beauty.

 Even Tripura is a beautiful and pollution-free state that has a lot of excitement in it. Let us now discover the place in detail.

Best Places To Visit In Tripura

Best Places To Visit In Tripura
Best Places To Visit In Tripura

Tripura is the place that has much to discover and enjoy. It has the sipahijala wildlife sanctuary that has exotic flora and fauna.The NeerMahal water Palace is a scintillating structure that justifies its name. 

The Tripura Government Museum is awe-inspiring and has ancient products such as coins, carving, and more.


  • If You are discovering the most popular and the most significant places in Tripura, starting with Agartala, is the best option. 
  • Rich in green pastures and valleys, Agartala is a heart stealer for nature lovers.
  •  Spending just two days would be enough to discover a lot of areas in it.
  •  Do pay a visit to ujjayanta palace as one of the most attractive areas of the city.


  • While conducting a tour on a religious basis, Udaipur has the famous Sundari temple as an option for the visitors. 
  • Further, there are artificial lakes such as Bijoy Sagar, Sagar, and Amar Sagar. 
  • The bookworms can spend some time at Nazrul Granth Nagar library that is beautifully created and has a rich collection.

Jampui Hills

  • Jampui Hills has a research center and a variety of species to be explored.
  •  The romantic hill station it’s famous for the Chittagong Hills.


  • Melichar is known for the Durga Puja festivals, and the place looks vibrantly blessed.
  •  July is the best time to visit melaghar because it celebrates the rath festival. 
  • Spend some time at Anand Bazar and allow yourself to buy a lot of local stuff at reasonable prices.


  • Amongst the naturally beautiful beauty in Tripura, DhamRamnagar has its name enlisted in the top. 
  • The place is Exotically beautiful because of its mild summer and winter season. 
  • The city has the famous Halong Teagarden and some historical monuments that are extremely pretty. 
  • Unakoti is yet another ancient site that deserves Tourist attention.


  • The next in the list includes Amarpura, which is the best for picnic lovers.
  • The Amar Sagar lake built artificially is amongst the most captivating tourist attractions.
  • Further, there is a dumber lake and chimera that endorses some of the best sports activities. 
  • The best part of Amarpura is the fair and events held throughout the year in this place.

Things to do in Tripura

Ujjain tourist palace has the views of Mughal Garden, and it is one of the most eye-catching structures in Tripura. The velvety green grass and musical fountains are Majestic in their way. 

The best time to visit Tripura from October – May because the weather remains comforting during this time. Famous for the tribal culture, jute, bamboo, and tea plantation, Tripura has distinct and unique features.

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