Best Places To Visit In West Bengal – A State In Eastern India

Best Places To Visit In West Bengal: The place of West Bengal proportionally combines arts, culture, intellectuality, and adventure to create a perfect blend and balance of nature.

Best Places To Visit In West Bengal

Best Places To Visit In West Bengal
Best Places To Visit In West Bengal

No matter whether you are fond of intellectuality or have favor towards wildlife, West Bengal, the capital of Kolkata, is there to help people in exploring everything they want. Here is the list of some beautiful places in West Bengal that no one should miss.


Best Places To Visit In West Bengal
  • Kolkata has recently undergone a great transformation and development.
  • It is no longer identified with slums and poverty.
  • The beautiful place is revamped with the inspirational works of Mother Teresa.
  • It is indeed renamed as the cultural capital of India, with some of the most captivating structures and monuments managed well.
  • Kolkata is the only place to have a tram network that reflects olden India.


Best Places To Visit In West Bengal
  • The favorite place of honeymooners has immense scenic beauty and a lot to offer.
  • The favorite hill station of Indians, Darjeeling, has the famous Mount Kanchenjunga.
  • It also has exciting handicraft markets, Nepali food, local market, and monasteries.
  • Darjeeling was earlier a part of Sikkim.
  • Ensure that you avoid Darjeeling during the monsoon season because it is also one of the wettest places in India.

Sundarban National Park

  • Amongst the best national parks of India, Sundarban has its name at the top.
  • The most massive mangrove jungle in the world is flooded with Tigers.
  • You can access Sundarban through a boat and explore the unique beauty it has.
  • Sundarbans is approximately a hundred kilometers Southeast from Kolkata.


  • If you are searching for peace and serenity during your trip, Kalimpong is the place that you must go.
  • Almost 3 hours of travelling from Darjeeling would let you reach the beautiful place that reflects/the Buddhist culture.
  • It has the spellbound monasteries and plenty of Hills and villages to explore and cherish.


  • Shantiniketan is yet another place where you would get a lot of peace and beauty to explore.
  • The university was discovered by the Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore.
  • Eventually, the name of the university was changed to visa-Bharati University, which explicitly emphasizes human relations with nature.
  • The main attraction of the university is the Uttarayan complex, where Tagore lived.
  • There are visual art sculptures, paintings, and a lot of inspirational work to impact visitors emotionally.
  • The best time to visit Shantiniketan is during December. You would love to enjoy Bengali folk music.

Things to do in West Bengal

Apart from these beautiful places, you can also plan out your visit to Bishnupur, Mayapur, doors, and panda to explore nature and Bengali culture better. Do not forget to visit the famous Kaziranga National Park in Assam and the magnificent Jaldapara National Park.

These are the best to be visited during October or May. The Adina Masjid and the famous Islamic domes of Bishnupur further deserve the attention of the visitors.

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