Best Places To Visit Raigad

Best Places To Visit Raigad
Best Places To Visit Raigad

Raigarh may not be a very famous tourist destination but it is definitely a place that has some of the most serene structures. The famous Raigad Fort and Raj Bhavan alone can make you feel on the top of the Seventh Sky. Here are some of the most distinguished Best Places To Visit Raigad destinations that nobody should miss.


The place of kolad will definitely excite you with its fun-filled activities. The river rafting scenes and the Adventure filled place can give you a nice family time. There are plenty of water sports activities that take place over here. You should not miss out visiting kolad as this is one of the most fascinating places of Raigad.

Madhe Ghat

Situated in the district of Maharashtra, madhe Ghat in roughly 62 kilometres away from Pune. These are exceptional waterfalls located in the middle of green vegetation. You can also visit the nearby Raigad Fort that is a very famous place in the City.

Raigad Fort

Raigad Fort is the pride of the city. It is situated towards the east coast and is famous for its Majestic views. It Raigad fort is a great place for people who are always seeking some adventure. The Fort is also home to samadhi of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It is also one of the most important tourist destinations of raigad.

kihim beach

This is the beach that is blessed with white sand and shores. If you are looking forward to finding the best beach in Raigad, probably this one Can End your search immediately. There are mouth watering delicacies sold towards the beach side and number of eye catching attractions that are fulfilling.

Takmak Tok

Located at a height of 1200 feet, Takmak Tok delivers a breathtaking view of the city. The excellent place delivers mind-blowing panoramic views that can be a true retreat for the photographers. You can visit the place during the monsoon season when there is absolute greenery all over the place.

Sagargad fort

Situated at Alibag, the sagargad Fort is full of beauty and heavenly experience . make sure that you carry some sports shoes and a proper trek gear because the monsoons can be somewhat tricky to spend. Sagargad is specifically chosen as the best trekking destination in Raigarh.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Have endless fun in the Karnala Bird Sanctuary that is loaded with beautiful butterflies and exotic Birds. The placid Ganga Sagar lake is situated nearby so that you can spend some peaceful time with your family. Can also view some of the most historic landmarks like Raigad Fort and Raj Bhavan straight away from the bird sanctuary.

Make sure that you soon plan a trip to Raigad because this is the emerging tourist destination that can give you an economical trip with your family. Book a tourist advisor and a hotel room from beforehand for more discount and convenience. Customise your trip to this place and pick up anything from the suggestion that we have bought for you.

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