Best Road trips for Bikes

Best Road Trips For Bikes
Tourist Places in india

A bike riding trip can be indeed memorable if you choose the correct place to enjoy everything. The adventurous journey must be fulfilling and should include things that you can Discover. Here we have composed a short list of places Best Road Trips For Bikes that can give you a mesmerizing bike riding experience. Here we conclude the list of best places for bike trips in India. Hopefully, you have found your personal favourite spot to plan out a visit soon.

Western Arunachal Pradesh

The ones who want a very humble and peaceful bike riding trip can choose the Western Arunachal Pradesh because it has the most fascinating waterfalls and cultural human settlements that are indeed enjoyable to discover. There is a unique opportunity to find out about the tribal culture and to get a better experience about what the local people do and practice in general.


Enjoying bike riding at Ladakh is indeed a dream for many bikers. The laudable beauty of the place delivers a crazy adventure. Somehow, there is a constant possibility of landslide and hazardous activities to take place. People have to take along special teams because there are mountain passes needed and expert guidance. Leh Ladakh is a place that has both thrill and risk. Make sure that you take The Final Decision after much consideration.


God’s own country is also an ideal option for an unforgettable bike riding trip. The land of mesmerizing beaches and greenery can give you a great experience while you plan out a bike ride trip from cochin towards the southern Ghats. There will be a lot of natural beauty and wildlife that is waiting to be explored.


The place of South India has some of the most breathtaking bike riding routes that can give you an ideal experience. There are a number of reservoirs and dams as you bike ride through the prominently covered Tropical rainforests. The Well maintained roads and emerald beauty forest definitely deliver a lot of amazement to the bike riders.

Spiti Valley

Another challenging bike riding place in India is Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Quite a lot of resemblance with Ladakh, Spiti Valley is a comparatively safer option for the bike riders. The place assures that you still remain consistent and do not bump into something unwanted. You can also choose to bike ride in different villages that can help you to get a pleasant glimpse of nature.

Kolli hills

You will definitely find your heart beating faster once you plan to enjoy a bike riding trip to Kolli Hills. The tropical place has the famous waterfall and the ancient Shiva temple. People usually prefer bike riding during the weekends and there are people all the way from Bangalore visiting the perfect bike riding place.

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