Places To Visit In Buldhana

Places To Visit In Buldhana
Places To Visit In Buldhana

The tourist attractions in the city of Buldhana are quite fascinating. You love to explore the Gajanan Maharaj Temple,  Lonar crater and local sanctuaries. The salient city is very beautiful and flooded with lush green environments all over. The pious Tirupati Balaji temple is exactly the copy of the one that exists on Malkapur road. There are good markets that have beautiful clothing available at cheap prices. You can explore the entire city of Buldana by booking a cab and that would give you a great experience for sure. This are the Places To Visit In Buldhana.

Gajanan Maharaj Temple   

A prominent religious place in Buldhana has the soul of the legendary Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj, who died and after incarnation. The samadhi of the Great Saint took place in the temple premises, and millions of devotees visited the site for spiritual purposes. The temple blesses everybody who visits it. The saint’s soul, to date, relieves the devotees from their pain and sufferings by showing the correct pathway of life.

Anand Sagar

Visitors can get underneath the umbrella points that provide complete protection and relaxation from the heat. There are pram services for babies and a spacious area for parking vehicles. Yes, Anand Sagar has it all. The colorful flowers and tender Creepers give a lot of tranquility. The commercial amusement park is typically inspired by the Hindu culture and has several idols of Hindu Saints. There is also Lord Ganesha and Shiva temple nearby with beautiful carving and artists’ skills.

 Hanging Bridge

It is a pure guarantee that the Hanging Bridge in Buldhana would give you a lot of happiness. It is not less than a miracle. The Vernacular construction spells excellence.

Dnyanganga wildlife sanctuary

Situated in the district of Buldhana, Dnyanganga has plenty of species well preserved. It also has an oasis that gives it a very amiable look together. The ideal time to visit the place is during January – June. The entire area dedicatedly protects blue bulls, Jungle cats, hyenas, barking deer and other wildlife species. Tigers are prominently a part of the Dnyanganga wildlife sanctuary. The nearest city is Khamgaon town.

Lonar crater

The depression was around 50,000 years ago and was formed because of a big meteor falling on the face of the earth. Lonar crater is approximately 7 km in total circumference, and 1.8 km is its diameter. It is the second-largest and oldest crater on earth -A rival To canyon diabolo located in the United States. Lonar crater is also one of the finest places you can visit in Buldhana.

Things to do in Buldhana

Mast Qalandar Dargah, Dnyanganga, & Lonar crater Lake are not the only places to visit in Buldhana. Numerous other places cover up temples and mosques as well. Every year Buldhana receives plenty of rainfall, which is why the temperature remains cool and comfortable throughout. River Tapi and the Godavari permanently flow across the region and heavenly appeal.

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