Places To Visit In Osmanabad

Places To Visit In Osmanabad
Places To Visit In Osmanabad

Osmanabad is one of the most pleasing cities of Maharashtra where you can find amazing historical places and modern destinations worth exploring. You won’t be able to take your eyes away from the commercial activities that attract the outsiders to quite an extent. Osmanabad is a laudable tourist destination consisting of folk dances and lots of celebration. The handicrafts business particularly attracts people to buy Narayanpet sarees and Warli paintings. below are the Places To Visit In Osmanabad

Osmanabad has no shortage of well connected transportation arrangements. The places of Aurangabad, Nanded and Pune are at a close proximity to the city. You can also board a private bus service that will help you to reach out to the existing tourist destinations enjoyably.

Mankeshwar Temple

The Hemadpanthi Shiva temple is a popular place for the Shiv Bhakts. People specifically visit Mankeshwar Temple in Osmanabad to give a religious turn to their trips.

Tulja Bhavani Mata Mandir

Tulja district of Osmanabad is a prominent place for worshippers. It has a total of 50 Shakti Peeth where a massive temple of god has been constructed. The age old temples date back to the twelfth century and has all the intricacies kept intact. The granite stone marvels look wonderful and give a lot of serenity. Do not forget to visit the famous Tulja Bhavani Mata temple that is definitely a place to seek some heavenly blessings.

Dharashiv Caves

You just need to cover a distance of 8 km from the main city and reach belghat mountains to access their dharashiv caves. The splendid architecture of 7 caves standing in a Nexus reminds us of the old era.

Naldurg Fort

The intricate beauty of Naldurg fort cannot be ignored. It was constructed by the king NalaRaja and the completion took place in the reign of Bahmani kingdom and Chalukya rulers. It is highly recommended to visit Naldurg Fort because of its gigantic construction.

Yedshi Ramling wildlife sanctuary

Travel 20 km from the main city of Osmanabad and you will be able to reach the very fascinating Yashi Ramling wildlife sanctuary that provides complete protection to Birds, plants and wildlife animals. It is a lovely hill station situated above the sea level. One of the most important tourist destinations of Osmanabad has a variety of carnivorous and impressive species. More than hundred varieties of birds including black Duck and peacocks can be found in the sanctuary. 

Things to do in osmanabad

The place of Osmanabad also has Maruti Temple, Jain Mahaveer cave, Saint goroba and Vadgaon Siddheshwar Temple. The nearby tourist spots of Aurangabad can also be visited during a trip to Osmanabad. One can easily spot vivid architectures and historical monuments holding a lot of importance.

Summers are the best time to visit the city of Osmanabad where the temperature is somewhere between 25 degree minus 42 degree centigrade. You can expect average rainfall during monsoon from the month of July onwards.

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