Tourist Places In Komaram Bheem Asifabad

Tourist Places In Komaram Bheem Asifabad
Tourist Places In Komaram Bheem Asifabad

The beautiful Adilabad had Asifabad as its part earlier. Eventually, the latter was separated and developed for a better tomorrow. Recently, Asifabad has been given a new name as a Komaram Bheem district. If you are planning to have a tour at the exquisite destination, make sure that you read our article very carefully so that  you only 8 Tourist Places In Komaram Bheem Asifabad most worthwhile places of the district.

Sri Kumaran Bheem project

The ongoing Komaram Bheem project talks about water supply to Asifabad. You can see a huge Canal flowing at this place that also acts as a tourist destination.

Gangapur Temple

Imagine a temple that was built back in the 16th century and exists till date. Gangapur Temple is a marvelous place that entertains devotees and indeed blesses them . It is famous for the Lord Hanuman sculpture and idols of Lord Vishnu. The temple also has tiny caves and images of other gods as well.

Sapta Gunda waterfall

No matter what kind of waterfall it is, you must never miss out visiting it. Since, Asifabad has the beautiful Sapta Gunda waterfall as a tourist destination, you must plan out your visit to it.

Mitte waterfall

7 waterfalls clubbed together and that was named as a sapthala Gundam mitte waterfall. You can access only 3 out of the total 7 waterfalls of the place . Each of them are very pretty and exclusive in appearance. Make sure that you do not forget to click selfies at this place and stay very careful while taking a bath and indulging in water sports.

Gayatri waterfall

Amongst several waterfalls of this place, Gayatri waterfall is the most beautiful one . It remains flooded with water and attracts tourists because of the same reason. There is a stream of water that flows through the rocky terrains in the middle of the forest . The place is also known as by the local people.

Sirnapalli water

The jankibai or the Sirnapalli waterfall is approximately 20 km away from Nizamabad and can be easily reached on road. It is a type of waterfall that you will love to visit repeatedly. Resulting because of several waters spots clubbing together, Sirnapalli Palli waterfall is named after the Sirnapalli dynasty. It also has villages nearby to help the tourists to explore things better.

Bogatha water

The list of waterfalls does not end here. In fact, there is bogatha waterfall that is for sure visited by the seasonal tourists of the place. The natural beauty of bogatha waterfall is unbeatable . It is a famous tourist destination because of the unseen Splendors of nature.

Shivaram wildlife sanctuary

The last in our list includes the Shivaram wildlife sanctuary that has endangered flora and fauna. The place also acts as a repository of freshwater species and is blessed with Marsh crocodile which look very beautiful on clicking selfies. Apart from everything else, there are delicious shrubs and several other animals spread all over the century to attract the tourists.

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