Tourist Places In Nagpur

Tourist Places In Nagpur
Tourist Places In Nagpur

Nagpur is not just famous for oranges. It indeed has some of the most laudable tourist destinations that will simply leave your jaw dropped. Let us discover the most famous cities in Nagpur that actually display the cultural aspects of the place. These have been some of the best Tourist places in Nagpur that will definitely make you happy once visited. The place of Nagpur is no doubt majestical and offers a lot more than any other City.

Ramtek Temple

Almost every single person in the city of Nagpur is known to have a special affinity with the Ramtek temple. The sacred place hosts special festivals during the month of November. The reason why Ramtek temple is so famous is because Lord Ram resided here during his exile from Ayodhya. People from all over the world come to Nagpur and pay a Holy visit to this beautiful temple.

Seminary Hills

Another most beautiful place in Nagpur that Delivers a panoramic city view and has everything exotic about it is seminary hill. The irresistible scenic beauty of the place would compel you to click pictures that can be the keepsakes for lifetime. The lovely place also helps the visitors to catch a glimpse of Satpura botanical gardens that are nested nearby.

Dhamma chakra stupa

Another top place to visit in Nagpur is a Dhamma Chakra stupa that reflects the architectural excellence. crafted using dholpur sandstone marble and Granite, the popular monument is 120 feet tall and is widely worshipped by Buddhist followers. The serenity of the place would leave you awestruck and spellbound.

Futala Lake

Nagpur is actually quite famous for the Futala Lake that is also an iconic tourist destination. The beautiful 60 acre long lake is indeed the biggest lake in Nagpur that was constructed by the Bhonsle Kings. The vibrant and colourful mountains that Surround the lake draw immediate attention.  a visit to the Futala Lake would help you to create some great memories in the city of Nagpur.

Ambazari lake

Another beautiful lake that we could not miss out mentioning in the list of best places to visit in Nagpur is Ambazari lake. There are delectable mango fruit trees that’s around the lake . you can enjoy the place all the more with the little children who can have a Gala time playing in the green grass.


The ancient city of Markanda has the several paintings and sculptures that foretell the history of Nagpur. The scripts have been existing ever since the time of Mahabharata and Ramayana. People who specifically visit Nagpur for the architectural excursion must definitely visit the place of Markanda that can be delightedly informative for you.

Nagzira wildlife

The amazing collection of flora and fauna in the nagzira wildlife is impeccable and unique in its own way. You would find the beautiful tigers and a whooping variety of mammals and birds species here. The century was merged into the Reserve and it became all the more famous ever since 2012.

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